Инструкция по мультичарт

инструкция по мультичарт
Colors will not be accurate for large gamut color spaces Input > sRGB monitor displays the input image mapped from its native color space to sRGB, which is similar to typical monitor color spaces Input patches displays the input image with no gamut mapping. Market Scanner is a watchboard for monitoring symbols you are interested in and finding opportunities. Professionals have the option to use Bloomberg as the data feed of choice, while beginner traders can choose Barchart as an economical data feed with good quality data.

Rotate 3D Rotate 3D images by clicking and dragging the mouse. MacAdam, Delta-C 94, Delta-C 2000, and Delta-C ab (plain Delta-C) ellipses are available. This opens new opportunities of testing strategies such as statistical arbitrage or pair trading. Entire entry and/or exit strategies, like single orders, may also be dropped into a chart.

For technical information look at the related Wiki page. Aperture and Exposure (s) are normally obtained from EXIF data, but may be entered manually if the EXIF data is absent. For example, you can find and correct bad ticks quickly and easily. Compatibility with another language is much harder to accomplish than controlling your own language, but we decided to go the harder route to give our users the maximum benefit.

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