Презентация по фонетике 1 й курс the structure and functions of utterance stress

презентация по фонетике 1 й курс the structure and functions of utterance stress
Ударные слоги как удары метронома: регулярные, громкие и ясные. Weak syllables are always unstressed. 77. Stress in two syllable words• In two syllable words either the first or the second syllable will be stressed not the both.• 1-verb:• a: If the second syllable of the verb is a strong then this second syllable will be stressed. All answers are valid for each individual but can not be prescribed for a group. Phase 2. This involves moving from the personal study of cultural identity towards a study of interpersonal communication across cultures; you are taught to examine, challenge or verify intercultural communication theory as part of your experience. Test Your Knowledge Read Between the Lines The science of language is known as linguistics. It includes what are generally distinguished as descriptive linguistics and historical linguistics.

Real versus Pseudo Listening Being quiet while someone talks does not constitute real listening. Concrete examples of how these theories may be translated into practical teaching material is available in appendix 1. The cultural criticality approach There are two basic points of view concerning intercultural communication theory, research and practice. Syllables are frequently said to be in pretonic or post-tonic position; certain phonological rules apply specifically to such positions. Intonation organizes words into sentences, distinguishes different types of sentences, and adds emotional coloring to utterances. This is coupled with the development of strategies and skills such as active listening skills, ethnographic research methods to support the learning experience. Примечание: В этом материале, заглавные буквы указывают ударные слоги и ударные односложные слова; обратный слеш указывает тон понижения; прямой слеш указывает тон повышения.

However, it is occasionally placed immediately before the vowel.[11] Linguists frequently mark primary stress with an acute accent over the vowel, and secondary stress by a grave accent. Sentence stress is indicated according to the American variant of pronunciation. Spoken language makes use of a very wide range of the articulations and resultant sounds that are available within the human vocal and auditory resources.

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