State of the usa florida презентация

state of the usa florida презентация
However eventually McCarthy overreached himself and he began to accuse too many important people. However Boston was a center of resistance to the British. On 16 December 1773 men dressed as Indians boarded the ships and threw the tea into the sea. These essays provide background knowledge for discussion of the video segments. The south also suffered defeat at Vicksburg on the Mississippi. Visit Below is a list of cities in Florida.

They withdrew after a few weeks. A peace treaty was signed at the end of 1814. However a major battle was fought after it was signed. Exports of tobacco soon became the mainstay of the Virginian economy. About 100 species of mammals are found in the state, including deer, pumas, bobcats, boars, black bears, armadillos, otters, mink, and gray foxes; smaller animals are also numerous. For the unemployed life during the depression was very harsh. However the Vietcong continued to fight a successful guerrilla war.

Она была разделена на две части: Восточную Флориду и Западную Флориду. Meanwhile a Spanish fleet was destroyed outside Santiago on 3 July. US soldiers landed in Cuba and captured Santiago on 17 July. Buying the French land meant there was now no bar to the USA spreading across the continent to the Pacific Ocean. Spanish-speaking immigrants come from diverse backgrounds and places. The first Congress met in 1789 and George Washington became the first President. In 1791 ten amendments, known as the Bill of Rights were ratified. In the late 18th century and the early 19th century the population of the USA grew rapidly.

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