Конфиги для поинт бланк

конфиги для поинт бланк
The file can also include comment lines at any point. The last column of the following table indicates if the setting applies to a Native mode report server (N) or a SharePoint mode report server (S) or both. Report server document library used for a report server that runs in SharePoint integrated mode. This value can be a Domain Name System (DNS) name or IP address. Report server instance names are based on SQL Server instance names. The recommended value should be sufficient for most directory servers. yp-url The URL which Icecast uses to communicate with the Directory server.

For more information, see Start and Stop the Report Server Service. N,S IsNotificationService Specifies whether the report server processing notifications and deliveries. Specific Mountpoint Relay If only specific mountpoints need to be relayed, then you can configure Icecast with a “Specific Mountpoint Relay”. The following diagram shows the basics of using a Specific Mountpoint relay. The chrooted path is specified by the configuration value. changeowner This section indicates the user and group that will own the icecast process when it is started.These need to be valid users on the system. The puppet.conf file is Puppet’s main config file. It configures all of the Puppet commands and services, including Puppet agent, Puppet master, Puppet apply, and Puppet cert. Event Processing Specifies default event handlers. Do not modify this section. This setting applies to all mountpoints unless overridden in the mount settings.

Setting Description ExcludedRenderFormats, RenderingExtension These settings are used to intentionally exclude export formats that do not work well with file share delivery. Change the value of the enabled attribute to «falsex», which is an invalid value. Multiple occurances of this section can be specified in order to be listed on multiple directory servers. yp-url-timeout This value is the maximum time Icecast will wait for a response from a particular directory server. For more information, see Configure the Unattended Execution Account (SSRS Configuration Manager).For SharePoint mode, you set the execution account for a Reporting Services service application using SharePoint Central Administration.

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