Sony hxr-mc1500 руководство

sony hxr-mc1500 руководство
Users can control the G Lens iris to create an out-of-focus effect in the foreground or background. Оператор может управлять диафрагмой G Lens для создания эффекта размытого переднего или заднего плана. This superb performance in dimly lit indoor scenes and outdoor night scenes is matched by excellent results in bright daylight. Digital photos can be stored on a Sony Memory Stick. It requires a minimum of 2Lux. Речь о фиксации усиления здесь вообще не идет! Эта новейшая версия технологии стабилизации изображения позволяет повышать стабильность изображений до 10 раз при широкоугольной съемке по сравнению с обычными системами оптической стабилизации.

The 30fps and 24fps do not offer the same resolution as true progressive scanning. Perfect for weddings, sporting events, and corporate or educational videos, the HXR-MC1500E represents an affordable transition into solid state, professional imaging. They have 220GB internal hard drive, 32GB flash memory and 16GB flash memory respectively. Both models have 1/3″ CCD sensors while the PD150 has XLR audio inputs and independent iris and gain controls. The HXR-MC1500E itself is optimized to perfectly complement the G Lens with an advanced image sensor and Sony’s famous image processing technology.

Sony HDR-HC5[edit] The Sony HDR-HC5, introduced in May 2007 (MSRP $1099 US), was the third DV tape HDV CMOS camcorder to support 1080i. The 1/3″ CMOS sensor has a resolution of 2MP and interlaced 4MP for digital still pictures and captures video at 1440×1080 interlaced. Known Flaw[edit] When the audio mode of HDR-FX1/HDR-FX1E camcorder is switched to the 16-bit setting (in DV mode) and the unit is then turned off, the unit resets to the default 12-bit setting, though the LCD indicator of the unit continues to display the 16-bit audio setting. Cineframe[edit] The FX1 offers Cineframe shooting modes at 30 and 24 frames per second. The HXR-MC2500 has several enhancements over Sony’s existing HXR-MC1500 camera model, including an improved Exmor R CMOS sensor and new features such as a built-in LED light, OLED viewfinder, Wi-Fi functionality, DV memory recording and a Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe. Digital zoom can extend to 160x although with progressively degrading quality. Users can play back a DVD they just created simply by pressing the Play button on the DVDirect Express when the camcorder is connected.

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