Инструкция к лего 70723

инструкция к лего 70723
Select a theme or month (that the instructions were added to the database) from the lists above. Unlike Cole and Jay, the Nindroid has leg printing. I especially like the small tear on his left leg which lets a little robot leg peek out. For this set, they seem to all be fighting over the Techno Blade, which is attached to a golden chainsaw handle, which easily breaks off. They’re really more decals than they are stickers.

Twin giant blades and what looks like a Megaman-esque hand cannon on each arm. Продажа конструкторов Lego Lego Ninjago в интернет-магазине ЭЛЬДОРАДО – описание, технические характеристики, фотографии. The hardest part of the build is probably assembling the treads, which is a little more tedious than your standard build. Between us we own 15,879,570 sets worth at least US$425,942,344 and containing 4,063,177,483 pieces.

Теперь горнякам-проходчикам придется не сладко, но работу по добыче полезных ископаемых нужно как-то продолжать. Set Design Now that the set is complete, we can critique how it looks from every angle. The front of the box shows Jay and Cole, in the Thunder Raider and mech respectively, facing down a lone Nindroid with a laser turret and the Techno-Blade, with a futuristic cityscape in the background.

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