Carline sx720 инструкция

carline sx720 инструкция
Three warning signs – reminding you that you are in black-and-white capture mode, the battery is running low or you have forgotten to insert a memory card – may also appear in the form of overlaid icons when appropriate. The new Effects shooting mode provides provide 7 different filters that can be applied to both still images and movies. Live View is also employed by the Nikon D7100’s movie mode. There is a red rectangle in the middle for focusing , which you can move practically anywhere in the frame.

Front Side If you select dynamic-area AF, you can also specify an AF point, but the camera ‘will focus based on information from surrounding focus points if subject briefly leaves selected point’, as the user guide puts it. This can make the Nikon D7100 quicker to use and it may also extend the battery life, depending on how extensively you use the rear LCD screen. You can specify, via an option in the Setup menu, whether you want sensor cleaning to take place at shutdown, startup, both or neither, with the default being ‘both’. The cleaning process pleasingly has no practical impact on startup times, which were near instant. More interesting is the 3D focus tracking feature. Furthermore, there is also a Quiet mode, in which the mirror is raised fairly slowly to further reduce the sound it makes. One area of photography that the D7100 is particularly well suited to is flash photography.

After moving the Lv switch to the Movie Live View position and optionally presetting the aperture, shutter speed and focus, you can start recording video by pressing the Movie button with the red dot sitting within the Lv switch. The Exposure Compensation button is thoughtfully positioned next to the shutter release. The modus operandi of the auto-focus system can also be specified by the photographer. But there’s still no live histogram, as on the D90, which is a glaring omission that makes Live View much less usable than it could be, and again puts Nikon behind the competition in this area.

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